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Online Applications:  from Inspections to Permits

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Fire Pit Permits

Please note that the Lynn Fire Department does not issue fire permits for fire pits.

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Fire Prevention Bureau
725 Western Avenue, Lynn, Ma.
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Online Applications - PDF downloads

For your convenience our applications are designed with built in form fields. This allows you to download the application and fill it out right on your home/office computer. Unless otherwise noted, you must  print and present the completed application in person to our office for processing.

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Application for Smoke Detector Inspection

Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding to the application
(located at the bottom of this page)

Filling out the Application-

1. Wait for the application to completely download to your computer.
2. Complete all portions of the application that apply to your needs.
3. Save the completed application to your desktop.

Application Submission-
Once you have filled out the form you have 3 options to submit the application to our office for processing:

1. Print the application and bring it (and any application fee) to our office for processing.
2. Fax the application to our office (781) 596-1480.
3. Attach the application to an E-Mail and electronically email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

NOTE: If you fax or electronically submit the application, please contact the office 24 hours after the fax or email was sent to Lynn Fire Dept.

Effective May 8, 2006 the fees for Smoke Detector & CO Detector inspection are:

1 family  $50                           3-6 units    $150 
2 family $100                         Over 6 units  $500



btndownload.pngLink to Application for Smoke Detector Inspection - PDF file  

This application is also available as a MicroSoft Word document

btndownload.pngLink to Application for Smoke Detector Inspection - Word Document  


Additional Smoke Detector information and State Law requirements






Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program 

Read More Read More Read More Among the most notable achievements of the Arson Squad is the Lynn Fire Department's Juvenile Firesetter Program, which was begun by the former Arson Squad Captain and has received acclaim throughout the country. During last year's National Juvenile Firesetter's Coalition conference the Lynn Fire Department received special recognition for its program.

For more in-depth information regarding the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program CLICK HERE




Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.)

Program Overview

safe001.jpgThe Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Program, which started in 1996, is a 6 year old statewide fire education program which is funded through a competitive grant process administered by the Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPS) in conjunction with the State Fire Marshall’s Office. Funding for this program comes from the Massachusetts State cigarette tax. In fiscal year 2002 the Lynn Fire Department received $7,045.00 from this program. Since it’s inception the city of Lynn has received $46,273.00 through this grant process. This grant money is used for prevention materials and literature for the various fire prevention programs the department conducts in elementary schools throughout the city and for numerous other public events the department is asked to participate in.


safe002.jpgThe main component of Lynn’s S.A.F.E. program is an eight-week curriculum whereas a trained firefighter visits every third grade class in the city (over 60 classes and 1,600 students) for 30 minutes each week for eight straight weeks, each week a different lesson is taught. The topics range from the dangers of smoking and drugs to preventing fires and how to escape from one if it does occur. The program was developed with the assistance of the Health and Wellness department of the Lynn Public Schools. The goals of this program are: to reduce the amount of fires in Lynn, reduce the amount of young people who take up the deadly habit of smoking, which is the #1 cause of fatal home fires, to stress the dangers of drugs and to foster good relationships with the young members of our community.


Lynn’s S.A.F.E. program has been extremely successful with many students using the life saving information they learn in school at home when a fire strikes. Many lives have been saved in our community because of the S.A.F.E. program In addition, the students also bring this life saving information home to their parents and siblings, who might be new immigrants to this country or never have learned this important safety information. All students are pre-tested  and post-tested, the average pre test grade is 60% and the average post test grade is 94%. The program is taught by Capt. Joseph Zukas, FF Ken Turner and various other Lynn Firefighters on occasion. The Coordinator of Lynn’s S.A.F.E. program is also Capt. Zukas. If you need information on the program or have any questions, please call the Fire Prevention Office at 781-596-0213.

Program Outline


safe003.jpgWeek #1     “Introduction” of program to students, Pre-test is given

Week #2     “Dangers of Tobacco”- (part 1)

Week #3     “Dangers of Tobacco”- (part 2)

Week #4     “Drugs”

Week #5     “Fire Survival & Prevention”

Week #6     “Firefighters Equipment”

Week #7     “Visit from Sparky the Fire Dog”, and review of previous


Week #8     “Final test”

NOTE:  This program is for all 3rd grade classes in the city, public and private, and was developed and is administered jointly between the Lynn Fire Department and the Lynn School Department-(Health and Wellness Department). The average pre test scores=60%, post-test=94%.

For more information please contact: Lt. Joseph Zukas (781-596-0213) or Diana Leblanc from the School Department (781-593-1680 x199)


Fire Extinguisher Training

The Lynn Fire Department offers free fire extinguisher training and/or demonstrations to any organization in the city who requests it. This training can involve live fire if desired and space is available. This training will help both the novice and the experienced person become more familiarized and comfortable with the extinguishers currently available to them. For more information or to schedule a date for training, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau. at 781-596-0213, fax- 781-596-1480 or by email.




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