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Safety Tips
grilletip02.pngRemember ... charcoal when burned in grills produces carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a colorless, odorless gas that can accumulate to toxic levels in closed environments. Each year dozens of people die as a result of CO gas from charcoal being burned indoors or in a poorly ventilated area. To reduce the risk of CO poisoning:

Before you plan your next outdoor cookout using your Charcoal Grill, review these safety tips:

  • No matter how bad the weather gets, never burn charcoal inside of homes, vehicles, tents or campers. Once again we can’t mention this enough.

    Charcoal should never be used indoors, even if ventilation is provided.
  • Since charcoal produces CO fumes until the charcoal is completely extinguished, do not store the grill indoors with freshly used coals.
  • grilletip01.pngOnly use charcoal lighter fluid to ignite coals. Use only as directed. Never substitute another flammable fluid to ignite coals.


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